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Resonant is a body of work that explores the interplay of memory, perception, identity and vulnerability. An attempt to accept both light and dark and the nuance of the shadows between them. 


Part of an ongoing body of work (Resonant), it's grounded in intuitive drawing. Pieces include ink drawings and etchings, and glicee prints made from an amalgam of digital and performative drawing paired with photography.

"As with much of my work, the final piece is deliberately high contrast with deep voluminous blacks against luminescent forms. In complete darkness I draw as I would on paper but instead of ink I use flame.  At first one stroke, then another. Each mark is intuitive. Using my full body, it’s a charged interpretation of memory, thought, feeling and emotion. I capture the drawing as a photograph, then the drawing process continues with a digital pen and tablet. I keep drawing with the same energy but on a much finer scale. Each layer or mark becomes a response to those below. Marks replace marks and hide marks below them. Each stroke is a mark in time, each mark that replaces it, new time. There’s a feeling of travelling through the layers, honing in where dark meets light."



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